After the making of three records and just as many (for us) "major deals",
many years of playing in numerous clubs and touring around the globe,
thoughts of hitting the charts - or not, become unimportant, as you end up
in one of those critics, style-archives anyway.
So, you move into a studio, turn on your machine, start to jam and let things roll on,
until, after a period of time, you sit there with a whole bunch of grooves, sound-fragments
and melodies on disk or tape, that were before, only swirling in your head. After this, you
begin to separate the track-chaos, and to bring some kind of order, you call it a basic song idea.
Similarly, began our new project "bOOdee trAp", which we started some month ago.
We didn't know where we were going, but were most surely on the way!
With one of those suspicious record deals in the pocket, and a major distributor
behind the product, we couldn't wait to hit the market!
All said and done, we were lucky and our record company ran out of money and business.
Normally a story like this would end here, but whatever happens to our project will
have nothing to do with happy endings.
bOOdee trAp's "finest noisworking arts" was never based on a yes or no from
any A&R people, or any other people from that kind of business.
We're 4 real, that's why we kick ass!!

bOOdee trAp